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Biete: Schnittholz. Verschiedene Arten von Kieferprodukten

Das ukrainische Unternehmen ROBIN GmbH liefert verschiedene Arten von Kiefernprodukten (H.S. 4407.11): Kanten, Balken, Klarplatten, Lamellen und Laminatkanten für Fenster und Tür / frisch, insektizid, ofengetrocknet (falls erforderlich) Weichholzschnitzel.

Amberwood Ltd is one of the largest Ukrainian manufacturers with industrial capacities to produce 3000 m³ of environmentally-friendly softwood lumber per month that are delivered to local
and export markets. Sawn timber is cut with Gator-type Lin?k equipment and Paul multiple rip saw machines providing a high accuracy of cutting.
• Dried edged lumber
• Clear lumber
• Dried building timber
• Pallet pine lumber
• Dressed timber
- Clear pine side boards
Quality certificates, permits, licenses etc. FSC 100%
Lumber can be cut down to any size requested by the customer!
• Lumber drying to achieve 17% MC for transportation
and 8% MC for woodworking needs
• Wood planing and profiling
• Lumber fungicide and insecticide treatments
• Lumber sorting and packaging in accordance with
customer’s specifications
• Lumber production of raw wood provided by the
Amberwood possesses all the required approvals and certificates as well industrial capacities in order
to sell its products in export markets.
We deliver our products in a customer oriented way.
We focus on serving your specific preferences and
We are open for discussion to set the most mutually
beneficial terms, conditions and prices with our
Amberwood guarantees efficient and timely EXW and
FCA delivery terms.
Robin LLC (TM Amberwood Ltd.)
36 Bulvarno - Kudryavskaya St.
Kiev 01056, Ukraine
Tel. +380 (44) 482 02 46
Emergency telephone: +380 (95) 77 99 489 (24 hours)
Director – Oleksandr Kadubenko
Sales Department - Oksana Novosyadlaya

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