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Titel: Microwave integrated television and radio information system

Limited Liability company TRK Tehnosistema is interested in engaging of the profile investor for implementation of the project of Microwave integrated television and radio information system of multiservice access (MITRIS) Construction of a united (Internet + TV + telephone + video surveillance) cellular digital terrestrial and cable broadcasting telecommunication network based on technology of microwave integrated television and radio information system (MITRIS) in the Kherson region.

Construction in the Kherson region of a single retransmission network of the HDTV (high definition television) digital standard, up to 200 TV channels, construction of the Internet and data transmission networks (Email + video surveillance, corporate networks, fixed digital telephony, IP telephony) with 100% coverage of the area, using a frequency range 11.7 -12.5 GHz
The project proposes to build the core «MITRIS" network (4 base stations, 11 repeaters, mini-transmitters to cover the shadow areas) during the 1st year. It is proposed to build the network in three stages.
First stage - 100% coverage of the region with the digital television and radio broadcasting, Internet network in cities Kherson, Skadovsk, Genichesk (radius of 25 km.). The cost of phase is 3 mln. 500 thousand Euros
Second stage - the Internet network coverage in the area of the triangle Genichesk-Skadovsk-Belozerka. Estimated cost - 2 million 900 thousand Euros.
Third stage - the Internet coverage in the rest of the region. Estimated cost - 2 mln. Euros.
Along with the construction of each phase the core peripheral network of subscribers will be created.
Implementation of television product of HDTV standard 100% coverage of the region with a united Telecommunication Network (Internet + TV + Phone + video surveillance). This offer "three-in-one" is the first of its kind in the telecommunications market of Ukraine.
In addition, as for Ukraine in general and Kherson region separately the usage of “MITRIS” technology is fundamental for participation in the "Wall" project on the administrative border with ARC. We can build electronic frontier depth of 25 km. using the most advanced means of supervision and can construct online points of surveillance.
According to the "Strategy of building of teleinformation space of Kherson Region" coordinated by the National Council of Ukraine on Television and Radio on September 21, 2016 TRC "Tehnosystemi" is entrusted to build the network in 2016-2017.

The project pays off with the monthly subscription fee.
The marketing strategy is based on building our own branded retail network.
Payback period of 50 months.
The total cost of the project - 8 million 400 thousand Euro.

Marketing information: In the Kherson region outside areas of coverage of cable television and internet networks there are 46 thousand apartments, 250 thousand private households, about 40 thousand 798 rooms in boarding houses on the coasts of the Azov and Black Seas, 55-65 thousand of potential subscribers in 553 schools of the region and 4486 budget organizations. The total number of subscribers for theses types of activities is about 350-400 thousand.

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Kompetenzbeschreibung: Limited Liability company TRK Tehnosistema

Ukrainskaya str. 36m, Kherson, Ukraine 73013 +38-095-487-92-12,

Sergiy Ieligulashvili, director +38-095-487-92-12,

Maksym Ieligulashvili +380666244077

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