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Offer: Reseller and Implementation partners welcome

We have an outstanding solution for machinery and vehicle industries building eCommerce and spare part catalog solutions based on our software. The solution is running on installation or cloud services, there are standard solutions with the possibility of customization or extensions. We look for reliable, longterm and professional partners who actually have access to our target industries, where there is a synergy in sales or own business activities. eCommerce enabler, Web-Design firms, Technical Documentation Services, ERP, CAD, SAP Hybris, ...

There is also room for starting your own business as an partner in your country, we can provide you products, technology and know-how.

Let's start a conversation, please send me your personal or company profile first.

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door2solution software gmbh

Information and communication technologies
Headquarter: Firmensitz Austria

Demands to the partner: reliable, professional, longtime oriented, understanding of processes in the industry, transparent and health financial background, sales and marketing driven, country or areas with high demand for such solutions (EU, USA, Canada, Japan, ..), possible adding additional and compatible services

Headquarter of the partner: EU
Scope of businnes of the partner: Information and communication technologies