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Offer: Agricultural and Forestry Machines Manufacturer

Based on more than half a century of experience, we have a simple range of cleverly designed, quality machines: agricultural tractors, suited for every type of user, from
36 HP to over 200 HP, skidders and grapples.

• Our tractors are practical, robust and functional without unnecessary and extravagant elements designed to do the job in any conditions.

• Our success is based on offering reliability and quality at an incredibly affordable price. You pay what you need and what you like, because practicality is attractive.

• The design is characterized as a homogenous connection between form and function, which means that behind every form there is a function (no unnecessary forms).

• As brand of the MAVIPROD group, we benefit from the group’s experience and from our relations with leading companies (Perkins, Belarus, Eaton etc.).

With over 400 employees, IRUM calls its 175.000 m2 factory in Reghin, home. All IRUM products are manufactured here.

We also make spare parts, CNC machining, casting, heat treatment and welded structures. The production possibilities allow us to make most of the machine components "in-house", at low costs and desired quality.

• OHSAS 18001:2008 Certificate for Management System Occupational Health and Safety
• ISO 14001:2005 for Environmental Management System
• ISO 9001:2001 for maintaining of the System of Quality Management.
• SR EN ISO 17025:2005 for Heavy Metals Lab Accreditation

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Marketing Director
Machines and installations
Headquarter: Firmensitz Romania

Demands to the partner: Buy our products. Distribute out products in the German speaking market.

Headquarter of the partner: Austria
Scope of businnes of the partner: Machines and installations