Bild zum Inserat: Producer of casted, forging, rubber parts and welded structures
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Offer: Producer of casted, forging, rubber parts and welded structures

Cast iron up to 3,500 kg/piece: Grey cast iron, White cast iron, Malleable iron, Ductile or nodular iron, Ni-hard type

Steel up to 3,100 - 3,200 kg/piece: Carbon steel all types:
? Low Carbon Steel/Mild Steel contains up to 0.3% carbon
? Medium Carbon Steel contains 0.3 – 0.6% carbon
? High Carbon Steel contains more than 0.6% carbon
? Alloy Steel with manganese, nickel, chromium, molybdenum
? Stainless steel

Aluminum & Aluminum alloys up to 700 kg/piece

Copper & Copper alloys up to 600 kg/piece

Heat treatment: primary Heat Treatment, hardening, stress relief, annealing, browning.

We perform operation as follow: Milling (max. gauge dimensions 3,000 x 1,250 mm), Turning (max. diameter of 4,000 mm), Boring, Plan machining, Grinding, CNC machining

We execute: Metallic structures, Reservoirs, Frames, Supports, Large diameter pipes (rectangular, circular), Custom pieces

Vulcanized work
We execute the lining of different inside components such as: Pump rotors, Bushes, Deflectors, Supports, Custom pieces

Street furniture
We produce: Decorative poles, Lighting poles, Benches, Decorative fences, Supports(casted from grey iron)

Custom pieces in various shapes and sizes based on client documentation.

The Quality Management System, according to SR EN ISO
The Environment Management System, according to SR EN ISO
The OH&S Management System according to SR OHSAS

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Building industry
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Headquarter of the partner: Austria
Scope of businnes of the partner: Building industry